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Enginering Consultation in Precision Metal

Microstructure Fabrication

Electro-mechanical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, micro-optical. Micro, nano and millimeter sizes;


Nanofabrication, "atom-by-atom"


We find elegant, economical ways to fabricate the most difficult micro-structures

Telephone: 203-615-1041


Inquire with us about consultation for:

  • Fabrication of your microstructures, micro-injection and compression mold cavities and other devices
  • Reasonably priced prototype fabrication of microstructures and applied surface details
  • Precision prototype development and pilot manufacturing
  • Testing replicability and economy of system microstructures

Our Fabrication Consultation Capabilities Include:

  • Precision electroforming (nickel, copper, gold, nickel alloys such as NiCo)
  • Step and repeat, proximity and contact projection
  • Mask making / Pattern generation
  • SU8 image fabrication
  • DC and RF magnetron sputtering
  • LIGA, X-ray Lithography
  • Spin coating / Castings
  • KOH etching
  • Plasma etching
  • Reactive and deep reactive ion etching (RIE)
  • Thermal diffusion and oxidation
  • SEM and OM metrology
  • Surface profilometry

We are fabrication experts for:

  • Precision medical device components
  • Optical media
  • Molded and embossed optical products such as lenses and holograms
  • Microfluidics and other precision micro-molding applications


Carl M. Rodia & Associates, Inc.
Trumbull, CT USA
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