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in precision fabrication and microfabrication in nickel, nickel alloys and other metals


"Atom-by-atom nanofabrication"


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Specializing in difficult-to-fabricate components and micro-structures


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35 years at the forefront of the science of precision electroforming

Our processes can replicate to tolerances of ~20 Angstroms!

N a n o ,   M i c r o    a n d    M i l l i m e t e r   

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Process engineering services

specializing in solving your most difficult and

vexing fabrication challenges


Inquire with us about advising you about:

Fabrication of your micro-scale precision components and devices:

-Developmental process engineering

-prototype fabrication

-pilot production

-economic scale-up to full production


Economical replication of microstructures and surface details


Precision prototype development and manufacture


Production of "difficult-to-manufacture" devices


Determine replicability and economy of producing prototype microstructures



"Outstanding Creativity Applied to a Highly Demanding Field"


Expand Your Micro-structure Fabrication Options

Our firm offers research and development engineers, entrepreneurs and scientist affordable access to highly creative, professional, and innovative micro-fabrication process engineering capabilities.


Creative expertise and production capabilities for micro-structures are specialized and rare. Our micro-process engineers have decades of experience dealing specifically with unique and challenging problems of micro-fabrication development, scale-up, and production.


"If you can imagine the product, we can assist you in developing an elegant, economical way to manufacture it "



Our Micro / Nano Fabrication Consultation Capabilities Include: (partial listing)

Electroforming (nickel, copper, gold, alloys)

Step and repeat, proximity and contact projection

Photo resist (Negative/Positive), SU-8, sheet resists

Mask making, Pattern generation

LIGA, X-ray Lithography

Spin coating / Castings

Thin metal film deposition

SEM and OM metrology

Surface profilometry


We are fabrication experts for:

Micro and Nano-scale objects 

Precision medical devices

Optical media (CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD-R)

Molded and embossed optical products such as lenses and holograms

Micro-fluidics and other precision micro-mold applications


Product and Process Development
Test your product's functionality and feasibility with prototypes and a pilot production. Apply the full range of microstructure processing capability to your project.



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Phone: 203-615-1041